• One year later, Toys For Tots recipient talks changes for the better


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Channel 9 is once again proud to partner with the Marines for Toys For Tots to try to make sure every child in central Florida has a toy under the tree.

    Last year, one family found itself in need.

    Channel 9 anchor Martie Salt visited them this week and found out what a difference a year makes.

    Colleen Ducot had been a stay-at-home mom with her four children but her truck driver husband had a medically involved accident and lost his job.

    "For me to have to ask for something, it just kills me," Ducot said one year ago.

    They were plunged into a situation they never imagined.

    "This year for school clothes we had to sell what little jewelry we had," Ducot said at a luncheon last year.

    Thinking her children would have nothing under the tree Ducot registered for Toys For Tots.

    One year later, Ducot and her husband, Rodney, went back to school. He for heating and air-conditioning and she for medical assistant. They passed their courses with honors and both are employed.

    Ducot said she is grateful for the people who provided help at a time her family needed it.

    "It was definitely an eye opener for me to see how many people were behind the scenes and involved in the toys for tots campaign," Ducot said.

    Ducot said she is back in the place she's most comfortable -- giving instead of receiving.

    "Now that we're able to move on, we can give back. You were there for us. Hopefully, we can be there for another family," Ducot said.

    Ducot stressed that the Marines know how much she appreciated their work, not only with Toys For Tots but their commitment to the United States year-round.

    Anyone can help make sure every child in central Florida has a gift to open Christmas morning. .

    To contribute, get a new, unwrapped toy, then drop it off at the WFTV studios in downtown Orlando.

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