Operation Smorgasbord restaurants/fish markets


State fish and wildlife officers say a growing number of smaller restaurants and seafood markets are purchasing illegally harvested fish. Below is a list of those that wildlife officers say were involved in 'Operation Smorgasbord.':

  • S&S Seafood Market,  Putnam County
  • China 1,  Putnam County
  • Peking Restaurant,  St. Augustine
  • Seeshell Seafood Market,  St. Johns County
  • Earl's Seafood Market,  Putnam County
  • Palatka Buffet,    Putnam County
  • The Seafood Shoppe,    St. Augustine
  • Wasabi Restaurant,   St. Augustine
  • China Wok,    Palatka
  • Lakeside Fish Company,   Putnam County