• Orange City thief cut hole in wall, stole almost $80,000 in jewelry


    Orange City police said a hooded burglar crawled through a hole he cut in a next-door office wall to steal nearly $80,000 in jewelry.

    It's a massive blow to the small-business owner.

    "If they put that type of thought into what they're doing, they could get a real job and make money instead of trying to rip off somebody who works hard seven days a week to get what they have," said Tom, who owns the business and did not want his last name released.

    The burglar, believed to be a man, tip-toed into Millie's Gold Mine on Volusia Avenue Wednesday. The alarm sounded and the thief grabbed a case filled with rolls of gold chains.

    "It's just frustrating. As desperate as they are to come through that wall, they don't know what's on the other side of that wall, and they don't know what was waiting for them, and they got lucky this time," the owner of Millie's Gold Mine said.

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