Orange Co. drug agents make cocaine bust near Valencia College East



Orange County drug agents looking for a suspected heroin smuggler made an even bigger bust on Wednesday.

Investigators said they went into a house on Dean Oaks Court near Valencia College East Campus looking for the smuggler.

DEA and MBI agents found 40 pounds of marijuana, one third of a kilo of cocaine and four weapons – a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson, a MAC-11 submachine gun, a shotgun and an AR-15 assault rifle.

When officers knocked at the door, they learned the man they were looking was not there and there was no heroin in the home.

The new tenant, Lance Hudson, just let the officers into the house and allowed them to conduct a search.

That's when the drug agents said they found all of Hudson's marijuana, cocaine and guns.

Neighbors watched the bust happen.

"It's shocking. I mean, we didn't even know anybody lived there," said Carmen Garcia, a neighbor.

The landlord told WFTV over the phone that he had just rented the place to Hudson's sister. Investigators asked him about his prior tenant.

Neighbors said they never saw much activity in the home, and were surprised to learn cops were looking for a heroin trafficker. They were more surprised by what police said Hudson had in the house.

"After I come home from college, I see a lot of cop cars in front of the neighborhood…I was kind of worried," said neighbor Vy Do.

Hudson was convicted in 2003 of dealing drugs.

As a convicted felon, he was not supposed to have a firearm.

Tonight, he's out of jail after posting a $75,000 bond on trafficking charges.