Orange Co. woman worries OPD dropped ball on teen's molestation case



ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orange County woman is worried police aren’t taking enough action after one of her teenage relatives was allegedly molested.

Kisha Hudson said the teenager was molested by the teenager’s mother’s boyfriend, saying he touches her in inappropriate places, kisses her and offers to do to sexual things to her.

“He gave her a phone. Whenever she didn’t do what he wanted he would take the phone back,” Hudson said.

Hudson said the teenager reported the man to police, but doesn’t think they are taking the case seriously.

She said she tried to get a copy of the police report eight months after the incident was reported, but was told there was no report.

Hudson received an email from a supervisor saying, “Due to a detective’s error the report was not generated.”

“She spoke up but nothing is happening. They’re not doing anything,” Hudson said.

Police said the detective took notes and has been working the investigation, but because of a minor clerical error, his materials didn’t show up in the system when others tried to access it.

Hudson said she doesn’t believe the story and still thinks police dropped the ball on the investigation.

“That’s basically what I’m feeling. They’re sweeping it under the rug,” she said.

Hudson tried to get a copy of the report Wednesday, but had no luck.

Police said the report is complete, but wouldn’t give it to WFTV either, saying it isn’t public record because the case is still active.