• Orange County deputies crack down on 'move over' law violators


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County deputies spent Thursday ticketing drivers who failed to switch lanes or pull off the road after seeing cruisers with their lights on.
    The "move over" law is designed, to keep everyone safe on the road, but not everyone abides by it.
    The driver of a red SUV was going the speed limit when he passed deputies but he failed to slow down or move over lane, ignoring the flashing lights, which is against the law.
    After being pulled over, the driver told Channel 9 he's from another country and on vacation in Orlando. He said he had never heard of the law.
    Channel 9 spent the day following along in an unmarked patrol car as Orange County deputies on motorcycles cited violators.
    One deputy pulled a car over on the side of the road, which is a dangerous place for deputies to be, especially when drivers aren't paying attention.  The deputy ended up writing a ticket for a driver who zipped by him going 56 mph.
    Last month, 30-year-old Florida Highway Patrol trooper Chelsea Richards was struck and killed while investigating a crash on the shoulder of Interstate 75.
    Orange County deputies said they're cracking down this summer on violators. In four hours on Thursday, deputies wrote more than 300 tickets. About half were for drivers who broke the "move over" law.

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