• Orange Co. deputy faces domestic abuse charge


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - An Orange County deputy sheriff has been relieved from duty after he was arrested on a domestic violence charge, accused of shoving his wife inside their home.

    Deputy Michael Dunn was released from the Orange County Jail Thursday night.

    "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" WFTV's Q McCray asked Dunn as he was escorted from jail.

    "I have no comment. Thank you," he replied.

    Investigators said Dunn was drinking on Wednesday night when he got into a fight with his wife in the laundry room of their Hunter's Creek home.

    Officials said the two were arguing about their oldest daughter.

    According to the arrest report, Dunn's wife got physical first. The report said she pushed Dunn into the garage and shut the door. Dunn said, "Oh that's domestic abuse" and forced his way back through the door, according to the report.

    His wife told investigators, "Michael pushed it open, knocked the door plate and cracked it," the report stated. She said he then "pushed her down with both of his hands on her chest area causing her to fall, and shouted, 'Now that was domestic violence!'" and told her to "go ahead and call 911."

    The Orange County Sheriff's Office responded to Dunn's home after his wife called 911. They said based on their investigation they determined that there was probable cause to take Dunn into custody and charge him with battery.

    Dunn lives in the home with his wife, who is a doctor, and their two teenage daughters.

    Those who Dunn is paid to protect said drunken domestic brawls shouldn't happen in any home.

    "He should be held accountable like everyone else," said Orange County resident Vince Connell.

    "It's his wife and he's supposed to love her. He has his kids at home," Karol Costas said.

    The Sheriff's Office said Dunn's credentials and firearms have been confiscated and he has been reassigned to administrative duty.

    The Orange County Sheriff's Office Professional Standards Section will be conducting an administrative review of the circumstances.

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