• Orlando cancer survivor meets parents of fallen Marine who donated life-saving bone marrow


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando woman got the chance to meet the parents of the fallen Marine who saved her life.

    In 2011, Crystal Osha was diagnosed with leukemia and 21-year-old Jacob Hess donated his bone marrow, which helped Osha fight the disease.

    But she never got the chance to thank Hess in person because he was killed in action earlier this year.

    In a surprise reunion, she met Hess’ parents for the first time Saturday.

    “Jacob has changed my life. To go from a 10 percent chance of survival, to someone else’s bone marrow growing inside you,” she said.

    Both families said they will always be linked by Hess' life-saving donation.

    “Jacob just believed that if you could do something good, you should and he did. And that act gave life to their family and that family is restoring hope to ours,” said Hess' mother.

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