• Orlando police bust several suspects for indecent conduct in a park near OIA


    ORLANDO, Fla - Airport Lakes Park near Orlando International Airport was recently the target of an undercover sex sting.

    Orlando’s Special Victims Unit received enough complaints that it launched a sting where undercover cops caught at least eight people for indecent conduct.

    Investigators said men were having sex on the trails and inside the men's bathroom.

    Investigators also said they found condoms along the hiking trail, which is not far from the children's playground.

    After a little research, WFTV discovered the men were communicating on a website and knew the police were onto their secret spot at the public park, yet they still came for sex.

    One person posted, "Cop in the parking lot all morning... again!"

    Another wrote, "Had a weird feeling that it was a matter of time that the police would be there."

    The eight people booked Friday night are being charged with indecent conduct, they were not caught having sex when officers made the arrest.

    Orlando police will continue to patrol the area to try and deter the illegal activity.

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