• Orlando police officer arrested on domestic violence charges back at work


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando police officer accused of domestic violence was taken off leave and placed back on the job.

    Danny Sidders was put back on the job four days after bonding out of jail.

    Sidders is accused of beating up his girlfriend for the second time this year and trying to hide a gun he wasn't supposed to have. He was put on paid leave following his arrest.

    On Friday, Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney decided to put him back to work, though he has been stripped of any law-enforcement ability.

    Sidders is working inside police headquarters on the same floor as the chief. He is monitoring a system of cameras placed around the city.

    Sidders continues to make his full salary, which at last check was $68,000.

    Rooney would not go on camera to discuss Sidders being back at work.

    In a phone call with WFTV reporter Kenneth Craig, Rooney said because the officer is being paid he'd rather put him to work than have him sit at home.

    Rooney said he is not worried about giving Sidders access to the building, even though the officer has been arrested twice, and been investigated seven times by the department, once for taking an insurance payout meant for the city.

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