• Orlando cemetery caretaker: Don't steal flowers from graves on Valentine's Day

    By: Jason Kelly , Field Sutton


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The sexton of Orlando's historic Greenwood Cemetery tweeted a public service announcement Tuesday for anyone who might be tempted to save money on Valentine's Day flowers.

    "Men: Cemetery flowers do not make good Valentine's gifts tomorrow for your significant other," Don Price, the cemetery's caretaker, said on Twitter.

    Price said that doing so isn't worth the savings.

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    "Although they are beautiful, they come with some bad karma mojo," he said.

    Sally Hernandez and her mother, Gloria Ramos, said they've seen how brazen grave yard thieves can be.

    "You buy stuff and you put it down, when you come back, it's gone," Hernandez said.

    But Price said there are other options for penny-pinchers.

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    "Any flowers in the dumpster are free range," he said. "You dive for them, you keep them."

    The cemetery opened in 1880. Click here to read about its history.

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