• Orlando State Rep. files bill to delay Common Core by three years


    State Rep. Joe Sanders (D) of Orlando has filed a bill that would pause Common Core for three years.

    The School Accountability Transition Bill would allow a transition period that would give students and teachers more time to ease into the new assessment and standards before they’re fully accountable for them.

    “It’s too many changes too soon, with too few resources for our schools,” Saunders said.

    The bill was drafted with input from superintendents across the state who has all argued the same point that districts need more time to handle the changes.

    “To put technology in the classroom, train teachers on how to fully teach to these new standards and really need to make sure the test we bring in is valuable and reliable,” Saunders said.

    The new bill is music to the ears of teachers and parents who have fought Common Core from the get-go.

    “They are listening to the screams and cries of the parents and the teachers,” parent Cindy Hamilton said. “You have the folks who love Common Core. You give them three more years to sell it to you.”

    The state education commissioner still hasn’t picked the new assessment.

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