• Orlando woman charged with racking up $3K on stolen credit card


    A 32-year-old Orlando woman is accused of stealing a purse from a vehicle in Seminole County and racking up more than $3,000 in charges to the victim's credit card.

    On Tuesday, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office arrested Michelle Schroeder and charged her with vehicle burglary, theft, criminal mischief, fraud and identity theft.

    Investigators said a woman told them her car had been broken into on Sept. 25 in Casselberry and that her purse and credit cards had been stolen. The victim immediately called police and her bank to report the thefts.

    Authorities said Schroeder attempted to use the stolen cards nine times on transactions that totaled nearly $3,600 to make purchases at a gas station and retail stores. 

    Store surveillance video helped investigators identify Schroeder, authorities said.

    Schroeder was arrested on Nov. 5 for multiple outstanding warrants, and she was booked into the Orange County Jail.

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