• Osceola Co. teachers voting on 3 percent raise contract


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - About 3,000 Osceola County teachers submitted ballots voting whether to ratify a contract giving them a 3 percent raise.

    It's not the pay day they were promised, but teachers in Osceola County could soon be seeing a slightly bigger paycheck.

    The teachers union and school board agreed on $1,400 annual retroactive raises.

    About 3,500 ballots are being counted to either approve or strike down the deal.

    "Do you expect to ratify this contract?" asked Channel 9's Anthony DiLorenzo

    "I'm not certain. We have a lot of people unhappy they're not getting the $2,500 the governor promised last spring," Union President Apryle Jackson said.

    Gov. Rick Scott pledged $480 million for across-the-board raises, regardless of performance.

    Lawmakers set aside the funds, but let the 67 state school districts decide how to handle the money.

    In Osceola County, Jackson said the money is being spread thin among all employees, leaving teachers with less.

    The money the teachers were told was for them alone, was for every district employee, including administrators, school board, custodians, café workers.

    Not all teachers are unhappy.

    "All people in instructional positions deserve a raise. I'm OK we get something versus nothing," teacher Christy Brittain said.

    The school board is expected to approve the contract at its meeting next month.

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