Osceola deputy accused of punching husband's girlfriend in face



OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - An Osceola County deputy is in danger of being fired Friday.

Deputy Edeania Nettles is accused of punching her estranged husband's new girlfriend in the face at Ted Broda Memorial Park in Saint Cloud.

Her estranged husband, John Nettles, and his girlfriend are both officers in the Saint Cloud Police Department.

Although the park sign said it closes at sunset, neighbors said there was a big ruckus going on just before midnight on Tuesday with at least half a dozen police cars.

A neighbor said he thought it was a robbery, but it wasn't what he expected.

Edeania Nettles was off duty when she spotted Saint Cloud Sgt. John Nettles, her husband, in the park, although it's unclear if they're still together.

He was with Saint Cloud Officer Jennifer Hoyos, who was on duty when Edeania Nettles walked up to the patrol car they were in.

Investigators said Edeania Nettles approached Hoyos' vehicle, reached in through the window and punched her on the left side of her face.

Edeania Nettles grabbed Hoyos by the hair and pulled her out of her patrol vehicle, investigators said.

The deputy and the officer continued to fight and Edeania Nettles' estranged husband had to break them up.

In the end investigators said Hoyos wound up with bleeding lips, a clump of hair that was pulled out and was hanging off of her duty uniform, a bleeding right knee and scratches to the right side of her neck.

Edeania Nettles was charged with battery on an officer.

She was immediately removed from duty while the Sheriff's Office investigates.