• Oviedo residents, UCF fans thrilled about Bortles' draft to Jags


    OVIEDO, Fla. - Many Oviedo residents and University of Central Florida football fans are thrilled about former quarterback Blake Bortles' first-round draft to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    The summer semester hasn't started at UCF but when students return, they'll have one more thing to be proud about.

    "Definitely keeps the pride of UCF strong. I feel like that really brings school spirit to everybody else and makes them happy they're here," said UCF student Jordan DeJesus.

    Knights fans packed the Oviedo Ale House to watch the NFL Draft Thursday night. They're excited their hometown football star won't be moving far away.

    "I'm really excited for him. I'm glad he'll stay in Florida. Jacksonville is close by, it's like he never left," said UCF student Kyle Perkins.

    Bortles help put the football team in the national spotlight and led his teammates to the Fiesta Bowl victory in January.

    "I think he is going to be remembered here for a long time," DeJesus said.

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