• Parents charged after teen found living in filthy home with no utilities


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Authorities have condemned a home in an East Orange County subdivision after a family and their teenaged child were found living in deplorable conditions.

    Cpl. Melissa Davis, who heads the Orange County truancy squad, went to the home on Sagebrush Place after a 15-year-old student failed to show up for class.

    Davis' job is to find children who are many times skipping school or possibly committing crimes.

    "We started looking into him because we learned he had not attended school since May 2013," said Davis.

    But when deputies got to the home, they found filthy living conditions inside. Authorities said there was raw sewage and trash everywhere and the home did not have any utilities.

    "Probably one of the worst houses I've seen in my 23-year career," said Davis. "If things were dead in the wall I wouldn't be surprised."

    Neighbors said the family was a nuisance and getting them out of the subdivision was a long time coming.

    "I've even been on the HOA and tried anything legal to get these people out," said neighbor Rachel Castillo.

    The boy's parents, Anthony and Jennifer Skyles, were arrested on child neglect charges.

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