Parents push for recess at Lake County elementary schools



LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Parents and teachers in Lake County are pushing for the district to add recess to every elementary school schedule.

Some parents who are for the proposal said they plan to show up to Monday's school board meeting to voice their support.

"It's nice to see many parents bringing up the issue and it is certainly a necessity," said school board candidate Marc Dodd.

Many believe allowing the students to have time outside the classroom for recess will help them do better in school.

"It keeps them sharper. Imagine you and I working, we take breaks during the day and the children need the same opportunity," said Dodd.

School district officials said they support the idea but have to find a way to make it work into schools' schedules.

If a new recess policy is put in place, it could mean taking some time away from music and art classes. It's something that those pushing for the recess period don't want to see cut.

"I don't think it should come as a sacrifice to those other programs. Those are certainly beneficially for the overall student experience," said Dodd.

The recess proposal isn't on Monday's meeting agenda, but it will be discussed more in September.