VP candidate Paul Ryan visits The Villages


Rep. Paul Ryan (R) -Wisconsin

SUMTER COUNTY, FL - Paul Ryan wanted to reassure the 50,000 retirees in The Villages that his big plan to reform Medicare will not have a negative impact on them.

It was a raucous crowd in friendly territory and Ryan took to the stage, holding his mother's hand.

Ever since Ryan was picked to be Mitt Romney's running mate on the Republican ticket a week ago, much of the political debate has been how Ryan’s budget would affect big entitlement programs, such as Medicare.

While Ryan promised Medicare would stay the same for people 55 and older, his speech was short on specifics. He did not mention his controversial plans to transform Medicare into a voucher program.

Over the last week, President Barack Obama and his re-election campaign have attacked those reform plans, calling them an end to Medicare as we know it.

As Ryan spoke, a few dozen pro Obama supporters waved signs and a plane flew overhead, towing a sign that read "Paul Ryan keep your hands off my Medicare," paid for by moveon.org.

However, in the Republican strong hold that is The Villages, people seemed convinced the Ryan plan will work.