• Pawn shop owner shoots at man who tried to rob store


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - A pawn shop owner shot at an attempted robber in Kissimmee Friday, authorities said.

    Officials said someone tried to rob the Queen of Pawns on West Vine Street, but the owner of the shop shot at him, trying to protect customers.

    Someone inside of the shop was hurt when they were grazed in the hand by a bullet, officers said.

    The robber is still on the run, and officials don't know if he was hit by a bullet.

    Kissimmee Police roped off the area around noon Friday.

    K-9s were brought to try to sniff out the robber's path, but they weren't successful.

    Some people like Bethany Howard at a nearby hotel are on edge.

    "I have three little sisters, young. And there's lots of kids who live here, so somebody that's harming somebody not even 50 feet across the road, that's very scary. Very scary," Howard said.

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