Peacocks are nuisance for some near DeLand businesses



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - There's a push underway to relocate a family of peacocks in Volusia County.

The peacocks have lived and roamed around a doctor's office and a nursing home in DeLand for months. Workers in the area said they're usually impressed by the birds, but recently they have become more of a nuisance.

Wildlife officials have learned the peacocks are making a mess and have a tendency to become protective over their territory.

"They'll like spread their wings, you know, how they are a peacock trying to maybe scare you off. But I thought that was pretty cool," employee Marc Anayas said.

According to officials, the peacocks often come up to parked cars, see their reflection in the window and start pecking at it, causing damage.

Visitors at the Ridgecrest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center don't mind the animals.

"I've been here, coming here, for about two months now everyday. I haven't heard anything about it and they haven't bothered my car," Jeff Whitehouse said.

The nursing home wouldn't comment about the ongoing issue, but Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said they received information it wants the peacocks removed.

Wildlife officials discourage business owners and citizens from trying to relocate the peacocks themselves.