• Pit bull, 7 puppies rescued from sweltering U-Haul truck


    FT. MYERS, Fla. - A man faces animal cruelty charges after a pit bull and her seven puppies were rescued from a sweltering U-Haul truck parked outside a Fort Myers condo.
    The News-Press of Fort Myers reports Ruth and Lloyd Sawyer checked the cab of the truck on Sunday after hearing a dog bark. They said the truck had been parked there for about an hour. Temperatures were in the 90s at the time.
    The Sawyers said they rescued the mother dog, and then spotted the puppies. They said some were near death after being left in the truck.
    Rescue crews provided oxygen with breathing masks for the dogs.
    Owner Dustin Unwin, 27, claimed ownership. He says he had only left them for 10 minutes.
    Veterinarians said the dogs were in good condition on Monday.

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