Police: 62-year-old St. Cloud woman was dealing drugs



ST. CLOUD, Fla. - Police arrested a 62-year-old woman they said was dealing drugs in St. Cloud.

Investigators said Melba Calhoun was selling her own prescription medication on the street for cash.

Investigators said a confidential informant tipped them off that Calhoun was selling hydrocodone pills out of her apartment at the Neptune Bay apartment complex.

“Basically, we got information from a confidential informant that they could purchase hydrocodone pills from an individual at Neptune Bay apartments,” said Sgt. Denise Roberts.

Police said they had the informant make two purchases from Calhoun before determining the drugs were actually dangerous hydrocodone.

“Apparently she was using her prescription drugs that were prescribed by a doctor, and she was turning around and selling those drugs to other individuals here in our community,” said Roberts.

Calhoun is charged with two counts of trafficking in opiates, selling opium derivatives and possession with intent to sell.

She’s currently being held in the Osceola County Jail on $105,000 bond.

Police believe they have solid case against Calhoun, because the informant was wearing a wire during the buys.

WFTV has since learned Calhoun has been arrested nearly a half-dozen times, accused of having and selling cocaine and possessing a firearm while being a felon.