Man accused of using stolen trailers to build doomsday bunker to face judge



OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - The Kissimmee man accused of stealing food trucks and trailers to make an underground doomsday bunker in his yard remains in jail and will face a judge Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, police arrested 26-year-old Roberto Gonzalez Broche. He's charged with grand theft, burglary to a business, criminal mischief and tampering with evidence.

Broche is being held on $5,200 bond at the Osceola County Jail.

Police said they made the discovery Tuesday after a tip led them to Broche's home on Manor Drive. City workers with heavy machinery worked to remove a large, 20-foot equipment trailer that was buried in his front yard.

"We were looking for a stolen trailer that was stolen from a local business, and we got a tip that that trailer might be at this home, and it was," said Stacie Miller, spokeswoman for the Kissimmee Police Department.

Workers had to carve deep tracks into the ground, causing a sidewalk to crumble, before they were able to excavate the bunker and get it on a tow truck.

"He was building a doomsday bunker, he told us," said Miller.

"When we recovered that trailer, we saw the big food truck in the back," Miller said. "(We) ran that; found that it was stolen. Got up close to it and realized there was something buried underneath it, and that was a trailer that was also stolen."

Officers also located a chopped-up 2007 Honda Civic that was reported stolen out of Orlando. Police said in all, four trailers that were reported stolen were found.

WFTV was there as Broche was taken to jail.

"What indication did you have that the world was ending?" WFTV's Daralene Jones asked. "The end of the world is coming?"

"Yeah," replied Broche.

"How do you know that?" Jones asked.

"It's just coming," he replied.

Police said charges for the additional stolen items are pending.

Investigators said they don't know how Broche dug the giant hole needed to bury the trailer.