Police chief discusses Winter Springs no parking ordinance



WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. - Since the city of Winter Springs was incorporated in 1959, parking along the streets has not been allowed.

But for the past year, commissioners have allowed it at the request of the police department.

On Tuesday, the police chief told WFTV reporter Kristyn Caddell that it is a difficult task trying to enforce the no parking ordinance because of other existing laws.

Winter Springs Police Chief Kevin Brunelle said he is in need of relief for his staff and residents.

You can do just about anything with ease in Winter Springs, except when it comes to parking on the street.

 "People have an active lifestyle, like to ride bikes, run, jog," said resident John Ryan. "A car goes here, and then a car goes here. How is an emergency vehicle going to get through?"

"The police department and the community are backed into a corner," said Brunelle.

For the past year or so, city commissioners have temporarily allowed some street parking while the police did safety and infrastructure studies.

"Right now, it's working fine. No issues," said Brunelle.

He said it needs to be permanent because ordinances and state laws have outgrown themselves.

Brunelle said the issue is when street parking is not allowed and officers ask people to move their cars. They move the cars near the sidewalks, crosswalks or fire hydrants, which is a violation of the law as well.

Brunelle said he is ready to hear concerns from residents on both sides of the road.

The chief and others will hear the concerns at a public hearing on Feb. 10 at 5 p.m. at City Hall where Winter Springs city commissioners are expected to make their decision.