Police dash cam video shows Maitland's vice mayor's DUI arrest



MAITLAND, Fla. - WFTV obtained dash cam video that shows the drunken driving arrest of Maitland's Vice Mayor Phil Bonus, whose name was also found on the client list of a suspected brothel this week.

WFTV discovered Bonus's DUI arrest while investigating the brothel story.

Bonus is still on the job at the city, but the mayor told WFTV a conviction could change that.

The dash cam video is from his arrest in Tampa last December after Bonus was caught driving drunk. His arrest report said he almost hit two police officers in a construction zone before he was eventually pulled over.

The dash cam video shows Bonus so drunk, he can't even walk a straight line.

Because Bonus wasn't arrested and won't be convicted for the crime in the alleged brothel, he can't be fired from his city job.

But his DUI case is still pending.

In the video Bonus loses his balance over and over and over again. Eventually, the officer asked him about his job.

"What do you do for a living? Put your feet together," said the officer.

"Lawyer," replied Bonus.

"OK, what kind of law do you practice?" asked the officer.

"Divorce," he replied.

Bonus didn't tell the officer he was an elected official, and the public never found out about his arrest.

Bonus is set to appear in court for this case in a week.