Police department pushes to stop Pedi cab service on Daytona's boardwalk



DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - After a push to bring Pedi cab service to Daytona's boardwalk, there's now a push to stop it and WFTV found out the reason comes down to safety.

For 4 1/2 months, the boardwalk in Daytona Beach has been the proving grounds for Pedi cabs. And drivers say on the weekends, they stay busy but their time could be up.

"We said let's try this. Clearly, in my opinion, it didn't work, you know; let's return the boardwalk to the people who can stroll along it."

Police Chief Michael Chitwood said his department has received complaints about Pedi cabs from tourists and locals. He said pedestrians have to dodge them.

There are also concerns about the businesses themselves.

Chitwood said officers caught two Pedi cab companies in a fistfight behind the band shell in July. Before that, a Pedi cab employee was caught stealing from a local store.

"It's a Romper Room operation. It's like grade school and the police department shouldn't be monitoring your kindergarten classroom," said Chitwood.

But Pedi cab driver Ed Williams disagrees. He said they help more than hurt.

"I've had ladies every day and gentleman tell me every day that they've never been able to do this because of they weren't able to get around, you know," said Williams.

Williams claims most of the complaints haven't involved his cab company and that there haven't been any actual accidents.

"We've not ran over anybody. We've not hurt anything. We've not done any property damage. I mean, we're here just having fun and just providing a great service," said Williams.

The City Commission will meet Wednesday night and will hear concerns from the police department.

It could vote then to not allow Pedi cabs on the boardwalk.