• Man accused of raping teenager in Maitland park granted $166K bail


    MAITLAND, Fla. - Maitland police arrested a man they said raped a teenager in a park and held her against her will for three hours.

    The 15-year-old girl told police that she was at Bellamy Park near Wymore Road around 7 p.m. Friday when she met 19-year-old Rufus Desavion Harvin of Eatonville. She said he was smoking marijuana, and when they started talking he asked her to have sex with him.

    Detectives said the victim began to feel uncomfortable and tried to leave the park, but Harvin became aggressive, grabbed her hair and demanded she take off her clothes.

    Harvin allegedly pulled her pants down and held her against her will for three hours.

    According to reports, he grabbed her around the throat, threatened to break her neck and kept her keys and cellphone out of her reach.

    The victim eventually escaped and called police.

    Police said she had bruises on her chest and back as a result of having sex on a picnic table.

    Police went to the park and arrested Harvin.

    “I saw all of the police cars and it was actually a surprise,” said nearby resident Semona Stafford.

    Detectives told WFTV the park was closed during the incident, and they believe Harvin used the after-hours to his advantage.

    They also said the victim and suspect had seen each other at the park before, but had no prior relationship.

    WFTV showed the police report to Harvin’s mother, who was left nearly speechless.

    “I don’t believe this,” she said.

    Harvin appeared before a judge Saturday and was granted a $166,000 bail on numerous felony charges.

    Police said they've beefed up patrols at the park and enforced the hours of operation in the wake of the attack.

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