Police: Gunman stole thousands worth of games, tied clerk with duct tape



A gunman terrified a clerk at a Game Stop, stealing thousands of dollars worth of gaming systems, and then tying her up with duct tape.

The robber went into the Game Stop on South Orlando Drive in Sanford on Tuesday morning.

WFTV's Daralene Jones talked to the victim, Mary Fisk.

She said she was able to fake out the robber when he told her to disconnect the surveillance cameras inside the store, and when she turned off the monitors to the cameras he thought the cameras were disconnected.

But the cameras were still rolling.

The video WFTV obtained from Sanford police shows an armed gunman forcing Fisk to lock the front door and as they walked to the back of the store on Highway 17-92.

"I just wanted to do what I needed to do to stay alive," said Fisk.

The clerk said he made her stuff a duffel bag with $4,000 worth of gaming systems and video games.

Police said they don't have video that shows Fisk being tied up in a back room. But she said she remembers exactly what happened and has the bruises to prove it.

"He grabbed my hands and duct taped my hands together, pulled out a chair and duct taped my legs together," said Fisk.

But she said the man cut the tape around her legs before he took off out the back door, and she rushed out the store.

As she ran out the door, she got a good description of the his blue Mazda as he took off.

Deputies caught the suspect about six miles away.

Sanford police said the suspect is 24-year-old Aaron Kelly.

Fisk said her attacker gave her a reason for scaring her half to death.

"He was in a gang and that they took his son and he was robbing places to get his son back," said Fisk.

WFTV is waiting to find out if there's  truth to that.

Kelly is at the Seminole County Jail with no bail and could face life in prison if convicted.