• Police interview of Zimmerman's girlfriend on argument released


    SANFORD, Fla. - George Zimmerman's girlfriend spoke out about the day she had him arrested for domestic violence.

    Police released interrogation video with Samantha Scheibe from November 18.

    Scheibe called police earlier that day saying Zimmerman pointed a gun at her.

    She claimed Zimmerman got upset when she asked him to leave.

    Scheibe said Zimmerman started packing his stuff and got angry when she did not put up a fight for him to stay.

    "I then started to take his stuff outside and put it outside to get him out faster," said Scheibe.

    However, Scheibe later dropped the charges, saying she was overwhelmed after the argument and none of it was true.

    She said that fight started over Zimmerman being jealous because she was texting with her ex.

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