• Police: Man head-butted wife, arrested with car full of weapons


    CLERMONT, Fla. - A 76-year-old Clermont man was arrested after he head-butted his wife during a heated argument, according to police.

    According to a police report, David Sincere's wife called 911 and he left the house.

    Clermont police said they located his car and pulled him over. Officers said they confiscated 17 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition and a brass knuckle bayonet, among other weapons. They said Sincere told them he was going camping and he had permits for the weapons.

    One neighbor told WFTV he found the incident hard to believe.

    "I would say no way.  They are just too nice of people," said neighbor Larry Wagner. "I knew he was a shooter and had a few pistols and shot on a range competitively, but not anything like that."

    In a phone call, Sincere's wife told WFTV's Tim Barber that her husband was not lying about the camping trip.

    When asked about the argument, she said her husband has verbally abused her in the past, but never hit her.

    She said her husband was going to stay with family in South Florida.

    Sincere was charged with battery.

    Police said the weapons they found will be returned to Sincere.

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