• Police: Parents charged after baby found home alone in Sanford


    SANFORD, Fla. - Two Sanford parents are facing charges after they left their 8-month-old son home alone for two hours, according to police.

    Sanford investigators said Fernando Palomino, 30, and Glorivy Rodriguez went out Saturday night, but instead of getting a baby sitter for their 8-month-old, they left him alone in his crib.

    Rodriguez and Palomino were arrested on charges of felony child neglect Sunday morning.

    Officers said they found Palomino passed out on a friend's couch on Father's Day morning. Rodriquez was found walking through Winter Springs, authorities said.

    Police said shortly after midnight, Rodriguez’s sister, who lives next door, noticed that the front door to their residence was left ajar and Rodriguez’s 8-month-old infant was found sleeping in his crib.

    The sister told police she waited four hours to give the parents enough time to return to the home on Hartwell Avenue before calling police.

    Palomino said he thought the child’s aunt was watching the baby.

    "You want to go out that bad you could've asked a neighbor or something to babysit your kids. You don't leave your kids in the house by themselves," said neighbor Pat King.

    The infant and two other children are now in Child Protective Services pending a dependency hearing.

    Both Palomino and Rodriguez were given $2,000 bond as long as they agreed to stay away from their son, who along with his two siblings, is in the custody of Child Protective Services pending a dependency hearing.

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