Police say hundreds more may be victims in credit card info scheme



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orlando police said there could be hundreds of victims in a credit card theft scheme.

Police said Josue Morales recruited restaurant servers to steal customers' credit card numbers.

A waitress at Toojays in Orlando was fired after police said she was recruited by Morales.

"You put your trust into these people, and the card is out of your hands and out of you're control," said customer Thomas Lower.

Police arrested Morales, who they said is a career criminal and gang member, after raiding his apartment on Tuesday.

They said he paid a waitress at the restaurant to skim credit card numbers in the women's bathroom.

So far, police have identified 32 victims, including two former law enforcement officers who tipped off detectives after finding their information stolen.

The waitress hasn't been arrested.

"You depend on cards more and more instead of cash and I think it's just going to get worse instead of better," said Lower.

Police said they were working to track down more victims and more people involved.