• Police search for alleged shoplifter who threatened employees with baseball bat


    ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - Ormond Beach police said a case of shoplifting at a Walmart on West Grenada Boulevard turned into an armed robbery when the man picked up a baseball bat and threatened some employees.

    Police said a man tried to leave Walmart on Monday with a basket full of motorcycle merchandise.

    When he was stopped by two loss prevention employees, he led them back to the sporting good sections, where he claimed he dropped the receipt.

    Officer Keith Walker said that’s when the incident took a violent turn.

    “When they get back there the guy picks up an aluminum baseball bat and makes a threat toward loss prevention," says Walker.

    After walking out of the store and leaving the merchandise, surveillance video showed the suspect outside, threatening loss prevention again.

    “He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a knife, and comes back at loss prevention who backs away quickly,” Walker said.

    Investigators believe the suspect had a plan to steal when he walked into the store.

    They said two sport motorcycles waiting for the man outside the store, and the same motorcycles were caught on surveillance video at a nearby Texaco gas station, where the man was seen changing his clothes.

    Police are currently trying to locate the man, along with the other three people on the motorcycles.

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