• Police search for man who robbed 2 elderly women at gunpoint


    HOLLY HILL, Fla. - Police are looking for the man who robbed two elderly women outside a Volusia County Walmart.

    They hope surveillance video of the robbery outside the store on Nova Road in Holly Hill will help them track down suspects.

    Investigators said the two women, in their 70s, were in the parking lot of the store Tuesday when a man hopped out of a white Chevy pick-up truck and stole their purses at gunpoint.

    The man can be seen in surveillance video approaching the women and pointing the gun.

    “It just shows that they have little or no remorse for the crime they were committing, or for the victims, which are elderly females that were helpless to begin with,” said Chief Stephen Aldrich with the Holly Hill Police Department. “It’s kind of going over the top.”

    The man quickly jumped back in the truck, which police said was being driven by a woman.

    Police searched the area by helicopter, but the two escaped.

    The truck had a temporary tag and the man with the gun was wearing a blue shirt and black baseball cap.

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