Man, 70, robbed outside Sanford church


SANFORD, Fla. - Police said they were searching for one of two people who robbed a 70-year-old man at gunpoint at a church in Sanford.

The victim was working at the First Presbyterian Church on South Oak Avenue in Sanford when he was  robbed.

"Well I'm a Christian, so if I die I feel I'm going to heaven. And I felt like I was going to die," said victim Ralph Dukes.

Dukes is an elder at the church. He has been cleaning the building and its ground for two decades. Dukes said he was in the alley blowing leaves out of the preacher's parking spot when two males approached him.

"They had the gun pointed at me," said Dukes. "Then, they walked all the way up to me and put the gun barrel to my head. I thought if he shoots me I'll be dead before I know it."

Dukes said the robbers forced him to turn over his wallet, cash, cellphone, some cleaning supplies and his pick-up truck.

"I think they let the gun do all the talking and with the pressure I kept backing up, you know," said Dukes.

He said the two robbers told him to go into the church and stay there, and then  they sped off with his truck.

A day later, detectives called Dukes and told him they found the truck in a nearby Sanford neighborhood.

Police told Dukes one of the teen robbers was arrested and is at a juvenile detention facility. The other is still on the run.