• Police: Seminole County woman pulled over on suspicion of DUI had child in car


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Seminole County deputies said they found heroin and cocaine on a woman who was driving under the influence while a kid was in the back seat of the vehicle.

    Only Channel 9 was there when Mary Coulter faced a judge on Thursday. She is being held on $5,200 bond. She faces multiple charges, including child neglect.

    Deputies said Coulter was driving near the busy intersection of County Road 419 and Lockwood Boulevard when they pulled her over on suspicion of driving under the influence.

    Deputies arrested Coulter and then said they noticed her purse was sitting open on the front seat.  They looked inside and found two bags, one that tested positive for cocaine and another that tested positive for heroin.

    Investigators said Coulter was not only driving under the influence, but she has her boyfriend's child in the car as well.

    "If he knew that indeed the lady indeed was doing drugs, he should not have the child back either," said neighbor Ruth Rose.

    Coulter has been arrested a dozen times for charges ranging from grand theft to driving on a suspended license, so she never not have been behind the wheel, according to Channel 9's Tim Barber.

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