• Police step up security after student attacked in Altamonte Springs


    ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - A man who attacked a Seminole County high school student is still on the loose, according to police.
    Altamonte Springs police said an 18-year-old girl was reportedly ambushed early Monday morning near the Landmark Apartments on State Road 434.
    When Lake Brantley High School students stepped off their buses Wednesday police were watching them. They said they are concerned someone else might be watching those students too.
    Ernest Isley's said his daughter missed the school bus on Monday morning. As she was walking back home apartment complex she said a man grabbed her, threatened her with a knife and said not to scream.
    "He told her to be quiet or he was going to kill her," said Isley.
    Isley's daughter was able to get away and run home. But now police and residents in Altamonte Springs are on high alert.
    "This is an attack, it is serious, we have released a composite sketch, we have independent witnesses who corroborated her story," said Rob Pelton of the Altamonte Springs Police Department.
    Police released a composite sketch they made with the help of Isley's daughter. The attacker is believed to be in his 20s.
    "She's still very spooked. We all are. It could have ended badly," said Isley.
    Police said they aren't sure yet what the motive might've been for the attack.

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