Police: Thieves steal electronics, ID badges of airline employees


ORLANDO, Fla. - Investigators in Orlando are trying to track down the thieves who stole from a vehicle owned by JetBlue.

Police said the crooks got away with the computers and ID badges of the employees. The items were swiped from a truck in the parking lot of the Chili's Restaurant on South Semoran Boulevard in Orlando.

The employees said they stopped at the restaurant to get a bit to eat before flying to Tampa. When they returned to their locked company-owned pickup truck, the windows were smashed and their luggage was gone.

"People have been stealing since time began and they'll keep stealing till the end of the world," said restaurant customer Gord Johnson.

The thieves got away with computers, credit cards, an iPad, passports and clothes. But the most alarming items stolen from the pickup truck were airport security access ID cards.

An incident report said those badges could get a person into secure areas at airports all over the United States including airports in New York, New Jersey, California and across Florida.

However, a JetBlue spokeswoman said in an email that the cards have since been deactivated.

Some customers at Chili's just north of the airport weren't worried.

"I can't see anything happening," said customer Valerie Johnson.

”And I doubt these stolen IDs have anything to do with terrorist activity or anything. It's probably just some kids who busted into the car and took what they could get," said Gord Johnson.

Two workers at a nearby restaurant told police they saw two men moving things from the JetBlue truck into a light blue Honda Accord.

Neither restaurant had surveillance video of the theft.

Investigators said around $11,000 worth of stuff was stolen during the break-in.

The truck didn't have an alarm system.