Police: Two men stole luggage from airport baggage claim


ORLANDO, Fla. - WFTV learned Thursday two people were arrested after agents said they stole luggage off the baggage carousels at Orlando International Airport.

After repeated reports of stolen luggage undercover agents were sent to the airport.

WFTV obtained the arrest report that stated the agents watched Stephen Brown and Angel Campos steal two suitcases from a carousel earlier this week.

"Everybody wants something that isn't theirs and they don't care about other people," said traveler Donna Biniasz.

The arrest report said the pair waited for a crowd to form around the carousel and moved in to steal. They even covered a roller bag with a cardboard box so the owner wouldn't see it, according to police.

"I don't know how that happens. I mean, my stuff I always keep with me all the time," said traveler Terri Ward.

A crime bulletin was recently issued about a rash of luggage thefts at the airport. It listed several cases, but Orlando police couldn't provide WFTV with exact numbers.

When asked, an airport spokesman told WFTV he had no idea about the bulletin.

Brown and Campos were jailed on charges of grand theft.

Police said the stolen bags were returned to the owners.