• Polk Co. doctor arrested, accused of prescribing illegal painkillers


    POLK COUNTY, Fla. - A Polk County doctor was arrested Thursday, accused of prescribing illegal pain killers to patients without ever examining them.

    Investigators said Dr. Aaron Roush, 44, demanded cash from those imaginary office visits and helped patients make their pain killer prescriptions look legit.

    He was arrested at the Uphoria Medical Spa in Lakeland.

    He said he was once chief resident at Tampa General Hospital.

    Channel 9 reporter Kathi Belich asked, "Were you prescribing drugs illegally without examining patients?"

    Roush answered," No, I was not."

    He said he accepted insurance when patients had it, but Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told Channel 9 Roush accepted only cash or credit.

    Judd also said Roush coached undercover officers posing as patients to legitimize his illegal prescriptions by telling them how to describe their pain and which pharmacies to avoid, because some wouldn't fill his prescriptions.

    "$150 and you had to come every 30 days. If you let the 30 days lapse, it's $275 to come back," said Judd.

    The sheriff said his investigation started with a tip.

    Investigators seized Roush's records and it's possible patients could be charged.

    "He would also give them a stool softener and one of the detectives said, 'Why are you giving me a stool softener?' and he said 'The pharmacies don't question it so much if there's another prescription to go with it.' Well, we're softening him up today," Judd said.

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