Polk County sheriff announces 101 arrests in crime operation



POLK COUNTY, Fla. - Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced Friday the results of a major crime initiative that resulted in 101 arrests, 92 of which were repeat offenders.

Undercover detectives focused on repeat offenders, drug offenders and those on probation. Judd said the operation has taken a lot of dangerous career criminals off the street.

Officials said detectives looked at crime data, analyzed crime trends and put deputies where they thought the county would benefit the most. Detectives also obtained more than a dozen search warrants.

During the three-day sting, authorities said they seized more than $13,000, six firearms, one vehicle and numerous drugs.

"These are the people that are stealing us blind every day. These are the people breaking into our cars, our homes and doing it to obtain drugs and taking cash that they generate," Judd said.

The Sheriff's Office said they targeted the suspects by following up on crime tips and looking at crime trends in the area.

"That's how we keep crime down," said Judd. "That's why crime is down in this community right now."