• Port Orange woman says she killed mom because 'God would make it OK'


    PORT ORANGE, Fla. - Investigators in Volusia County said a woman was high on prescription drugs when she killed her disabled mother on Thursday.

    Fabian Huntington was found dead inside a home at the Laurelwood subdivision in Port Orange on Saturday afternoon.

    Huntington's 33-year-old daughter, Jennifer Huntington, was charged in connection with the killing.

    Detectives said the daughter told them she got the idea of how to murder her mother from watching the military drama "Rules of Engagement." She said that's when the idea first came to her to strangle her mother, who had cerebral palsy.

    But Huntington also told investigators she'd been diagnosed as a schizophrenic, so they sent her to Halifax Hospital as police investigated her for murder.

    A police report explains how Huntington took painkillers and Abilify, a medication for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

    Huntington told police she was watching the movie when she decided to walk into her mother's bedroom and choke her for 45 minutes. When a detective asked why she did it, Huntington said, "I thought God would make it all OK."

    Police said Huntington then left her house wearing only a bath towel. She said a sign from God told her to knock on the door of a neighbor, who called police.

    When talking to detectives about the murder, she said, "It's like a game," and described how she "earns points for doing good or bad things."

    According to the police report, Huntington said she has been to the hospital three times for mental-health-related issues.

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