Charges filed against boyfriend in alleged Cocoa kidnap case



COCOA, Fla. - A pregnant woman police believe was kidnapped by her boyfriend in Cocoa refuses to press charges but police think they enough to move forward with a case.

Investigators said Thursday afternoon that they have located a missing 22-year-old woman believed to have been kidnapped.

Jamie Lee Powell-Kielczewski, 22, was found safe Thursday, a day after she placed a frantic call to 911 from a Shell gas station on State Road 524.

Authorities believed Powell-Kielczewski had been kidnapped Wednesday evening after investigators said she walked into the gas station and told the clerk she no longer wanted to be with the people she was with.

Authorities said she tried to call 911 but spoke too softly for police to get a lot of information.

Witnesses said she then walked into the restroom and was attempting to call police again when a man entered the store, walked to the restroom, kicked in the door and took Powell-Kielczewski out to the car against her will.

On Thursday, Powell-Kielzcewski went to the police office and told officers she was OK, but that didn’t stop them from arresting her boyfriend, Lance Jenkins.

On Friday, Powell-Kielzcewski told Channel 9 she is not a victim of abuse, but police said her call to 911 and surveillance video from the gas station proves otherwise.

Powell-Kielzcewski said no one forced her to go anywhere. She said with the pregnancy and recent loss of her job, she's been under a great deal of stress.

She said she's hiring an attorney and planning to ask the State Attorney's Office not to file a case against Jenkins, the father of her unborn child.

Jenkins is charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and aggravated battery.