• Proactive policing credited for stopping home invasion in the act


    MARION COUNTY, Fla. - The Marion County sheriff is crediting proactive policing and some night-vision goggles for catching dangerous criminals in the act.

    Officers on patrol were able to stop a home invasion in progress and deputies were able to make some quick arrests.

    Deputies said they arrested Harry Texidor and Johnel Andino on charges of attempted home invasion.

    However, the would-be victims inside the home were also arrested when deputies said they found drugs inside.

    Investigators said they took a sawed-off shotgun from Texidor and Andino.

    Authorities said a proactive unit within the Marion County Sheriff's Office was patrolling a hotspot neighborhood after reports of 35 car burglaries.

    Officers were using night-vision goggles when they spotted the home invasion in progress and that's how they were able to stop it.

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