70-year-old injured when propane tank explodes in Kissimmee garage



KISSIMMEE, Fla. - A man in his 70s was hospitalized following a propane tank explosion inside a garage of a Kissimmee home Tuesday, Osceola County officials said.

When the propane tank exploded, it blew out the garage of a home on Acapulco Drive, officials said.

The victim, Alejandro Gonzalez, suffered first-degree burns, authorities said. His condition has not been released.

Osceola fire rescue said a bad gas connection at the stove caused the explosion.

Gonzalez's son said his father was cooking at the stove when it exploded, throwing him into another room.

Gonzalez suffered burns on his face and the front of his body but his son said he will be OK. The son said his mom was in another room and wasn't hurt.

Neighbor Lizette Rosario talked with Channel 9 after seeing the aftermath.

"This loud noise, really loud, and when I opened the door and saw what happened, I felt really bad," she said.

Officials said the house is not livable, and engineers still need to examine the structure.

Authorities said the family will be able to get personal items, but will not be able to stay in the home.