• Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration Office marks 1st anniversary


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - A new center that helps Puerto Ricans transition into the community is marking its first anniversary.

    The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration Office opened last August in Kissimmee.

    The organization has helped about 8,000 Puerto Rican immigrants to not just assimilate, but also establish businesses in the state.

    Kissimmee's executive director, Juan Hernandez, said that is the aim of the regional office and a second one that is in New York.

    One of the business success stories is the owner of Titan, an Orlando distribution center that opened earlier this year.

    Titan distributes more than 200 products native to Puerto Rico for people to use them in central Florida.

    "Here we are, a year afterwards, celebrating what we have done for all the Puerto Ricans that are living in Florida, not just in central Florida, but all over the state, and we want to continue to give those services to the people, and that's why we want people to know we are here and we are here to serve," Hernandez said.

    There are more than 900,000 Puerto Ricans living in Florida.


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