• Reality Check: A look at the "Shady Rick" and "Governor for Sale" ads


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The latest ads in the race for governor call one candidate "Shady," and say the other one is "for sale."
    Channel 9's Greg Warmoth asked WFTV political analyst Rick Foglesong to weigh in on their accuracy.
    Foglesong said the candidates, who are expected to make it through the August primary and face off in November, are clearly throwing stuff on the wall and hoping some of it sticks.
    "I think the governor's race has become a food fight again and I think it's going to continue to go that way," said Foglesong.
    One ad for Democrat Charlie Crist, which says "Rick Scott – just too shady for the Sunshine State," has the social media hashtag #ShadyRick.
    Foglesong said that most recent Crist commercial, which highlights education funding and a criminal investigation, is filled with half-truths. But he said Crist isn't alone. 
    "Will the candidate who's not lying about what he did for education please stand up, and neither candidate could because they, in fact, misrepresented the truth," said Foglesong.

    Foglesong said the assertion that Scott, a Republican, pleaded the Fifth Amendment 75 times in a criminal proceeding is simply not true. He said it happened during a civil matter.  
    He said a Crist ad mentioning cuts to education funding cuts is true, but the ad does not mention that Scott reversed those cuts.
    "Kind of see what sticks," said Foglesong.
    Scott has fired back saying Crist is affiliated with a convicted felon.
    "He even bought a governor," the ad says, Crist served previously as Florida's governor. The ad makes the accusation that judgeships were for sale under Crist's leadership. The ad ends with, "Charlie Crist for governor, for sale.
    "The Scott campaign, not to be outdone, finds some skeletons in the closet for Charlie Crist, this Republican turned Democrat."
    Foglesong said it's hard to gauge the effectiveness of the latest ads. He said Florida voters can expect to see similar ads right up to the November's election.

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