• Report: Casey Anthony may be living at South Fla. church

    By: Nicole Rodriguez


    PALM CITY, Fla.,None - Following recent reports that Casey Anthony might be living in St. Lucie County, online site The Daily Beast is reporting Anthony has taken refuge at Cross Church in Palm City, under the wing of lead Pastor Steve Camp.

    Local media outlets descended upon 34th Street in Palm City, where the Christian church is located, on Wednesday night. Police patrolled the grounds’ perimeter watching for trespassers.

    Street residents drawn to the media trucks and flashing lights got an eyeful. Residents with signs stating “Hide your Kids” roamed the street. Pro-Casey residents rode by, yelling “Casey is innocent!”

    Michael Wedgwood, 17, said he caught a glimpse of Anthony, 25, receiving a police escort off the property she was rumored to be calling home.

    “She left in a white Hyundai. A newer model. She was in the back seat,” said Wedgwood, who rode his bicycle to the scene. “Her hair is blonde and she was hiding her face.”

    Wedgwood said the neighborhood had been in an uproar since the Daily Beast’s report hit the Web two to three hours prior. The article states Camp neither confirms nor denies questions about Anthony living on the compound and attending church services.

    Camp could not be reached for comment Wednesday night.

    Wedgwood said word on the street is Anthony is undergoing counseling and participating in church outreach programs — one of which is next to neighboring Palm City Elementary. Wedgwood added parents on the block are upset Anthony is so close to children.

    Residents with signs stating “Hide your Kids” roamed the street. Pro-Casey residents rode by, yelling “Casey is innocent!”

    Anthony was acquitted in July of first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie. She is currently serving a one-year probation sentence for check fraud, handed down by an Orlando judge in August.

    Last week, People magazine reported that Anthony could be living in St. Lucie County. Port St. Lucie resident Chrissandra Jennings said she spotted Anthony at a Port St Lucie stoplight on Sept. 20.

    Former roommate and friend Nathan Lezniewicz, 29, of Fort Pierce, said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility Anthony is in his hometown. Anthony’s uncle, Gary Plesea of Port St. Lucie, would not comment Saturday on his niece’s whereabouts.

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