• Report: State officials want to suspend doctor's license in pill mill case


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - According to a report, state health officials are trying to shut down an Orange County doctor accused of running a pill mill from his clinic.

    Roman Mosai was arrested two years ago at the Westside Medical Clinic on West Colonial Drive on charges of selling prescription drugs to people who later sold them on the black market.    

     Investigators said Mosai eventually sold them to undercover officers.

    Now, the state wants to suspend his license.     

    Investigator said Mosai was one of 172 people arrested in a state investigation. 

    Agents said they confiscated thousands of pills during the operation, after Mosai's arrest.

    Despite his arrest, Mosai kept his license, and kept his business running.

    "Every time I pass through, I see a bunch of people inside," said Paul Liau of the Westside Condominium Association. "I ask, but he doesn't want to tell any information to me, so I assume there's something wrong here."

    WFTV stopped by Mosai's home, but there was no answer.

    His attorney has not returned WFTV's calls.

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